20 octobre 2010

the very best success for tomorrow !!!

Dear colleagues
> We are realizing how the french workers, trade unionists, retired
> people, the students and pupils, the truck drivers,pilots and railway
> working people fight for their /your FUTURE ! GRATULATIONS!!!!
> We wish you 100% success ! In Germany - some years before- the
> government passed this law! Today people will get retired with 67
> years! Only non- working people will reach this age ! It is a big mess !
> You are 100% right in order to fight against this- until these plans are
> disappeared!
> Tell all your colleagues greetings from us, the trade unionists from
> Infineon Dresden!
> Here in Germany we continue to fight against this law - connected with
> the fight for the right for political strike!
> The lack of such a political right for strike was and still is a major
> reason why there was only a smart " protest" of some hundred thousands
> against this law years before!
> Your mass protest , mass strikes and blockades give us a lot of power to
> learn again - that this is the way how to be successfull!
> We discuss among eachother, that it is a MUST for all trade unionists
> and working people all over Europe to
> watch that there is no strike breaking work be done !!!!
> Since weeks in Stuttgart ten and hundredthousands of citicens fight
> against the project Stuttgart 21. It is a project of the DB, the banks,
> immobilien companies and the government. The citizens from kids, pupils,
> workers ,housewifes, till the professors are part of this protest- ! And
> like Mr Sarkozy is fightimng for the interests of the international
> financial capital in order to let you work till 65, "our" Mrs. Merckel
> is fighing for the same interests in the sense of STuttgart 21. They
> both know: if they will lose this fight, it will be the end of their
> career and a big defeat for the ruling international monopolies- so for
> this reason it will be a huge success and victory for the population all
> over Europe if they will lose it !! It already is an important SIGNAL
> over the borderlines!!!!!
> We wish you the very best!!!
> Benny, IG Metall VK-Leiter Infineon Dresden

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